OOPS | Rainbow Macy Sticky Notes (25pg)

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Only 13 left!

These are OOPS 25page sticky note pads in our newest rainbow design.

The supplier messed the design up by zooming my design out and creating a white boarder instead of having the grid go to the edges. 

Some of the sticky notes also have a darker macy instead of the true colours of macy I envisioned. 

They are reduced more than 50% due to the OOPS design. 

(regular price is $4.25 CAD)


*** PLEASE NOTE *** 

If you are USA / INTERNATIONAL PLEASE Select the appropriate shipping upgrade IF you order 6 OR MORE sticky note pads. I need to send it as oversized untracked lettermail instead of regular untracked letter mail and this will cost more due to weight and possible need of a bigger mailer. 

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