The Owner/Artist Behind Plannermonkeyco

sydney davidson

My name is Sydney and I am the artist behind Plannermonekyco. I started this shop originally on etsy back in March of 2017. Now, because of my business I am able to work from home and spend my days with my two little monkeys watching them grow ♡. I never thought my passion for planning and art would turn into a way to help provide for my family and also turn into a way to take care of my own mental health. Thank you so much for the love and support. You are appreciated by not only myself but my family too!


I must have tried every planner and notebook on the planet. Discs, rings, you name it. But when I received my first B6 Freely Planned and Freely Noted notebooks from Plannermonkeyco., I knew I found The One. I haven’t looked back. The paper is amazingly thin and durable, and I prefer graph to dot grid or any other style.PMC has a great range of functional and decorative stickers, beautiful washi, and accessories I use all the time.This truly is a “one-stop shop”!

Melanie Knox

PlannerMonkeyCo is one of my favourite stationery shops! Sydney’s designs are unique, and she’s constantly releasing new products that are flexible enough to be used in any planning system. Plus her vinyls are the cutest! Bonus that the shop is Canadian - we don’t have a ton of ‘one-stop’ stationery shops in Canada.

Elanna Gee

I found this shop barely a year ago and just fell in love with this little quirky monkey and her creator! I have never had a complaint in any order I've placed. This is truly a one stop shop, and it's so helpful. While there are other shops I still order from, PlannerMonkeyCo pretty much outfits all of my planners, from the stickers inside them to the totes they are carried in!


Sydney's shop has been my favorite planner shop for YEARS now. Always high quality stickers and planner items at an affordable price! The transparent mini stickers are my favorite. They are perfect for Hobonichi weeks users and smaller planners.


I am so in love with every single thing I have purchased here--from deco sheets, to washi tapes, to itty bitty icons and scripts! The quality is always so perfect, and there is so much variety that it's a one stop shop. Sydney has always been more than kind anytime I've needed help as well. Definitely a shop I would recommend to anyone and always come back to for more!


I love plannermonkeyco because of the amazing customer service and quality of the product! The stick paper is perfect! My go-to shop!!!

Jennifer Bruce

I’ve been shopping with PlannerMonkeyCo for years and have never been disappointed! I especially love the clear icon stickers and the notebooks that Sydney offers. PMC offers a large variety of stickers and I’ve used PMC’s scripts in my planner setups the last few years and will continue to do so in the future.

Eleasha Lewis


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